Saturday, April 04, 2020

Virginia Jahn

Obituary for Virginia Ann Jahn

Tuesday, October 27th, 1931 – Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Virginia Ann Jahn, retired Office Manager for Boxhorn Plastering, died Friday, March 25th in Simi Valley, California. She was 88.

Born in Buffalo, NY, the second of 3 children, "Ginny" grew up in the Kensington neighborhood with older sister Marjorie and younger brother Conrad.

She married Vernon "Rocky" Jahn in August of 1953, and were married 41 years before Rocky proceeded her death in 1994.

They had three children, Michael, David and Herbert Jahn.

Together they enjoyed throwing holiday parties for their extended family where they sang and danced ( the Hu-la-la ) at their home in Cheektowaga, NY.

After her husbands death, Ginny moved to East Aurora, NY for many years and then lived in Cathedral City, CA for the last 25 years.

Ginny appreciated a great game of Rumikub or Sequence with her cousin and best buddy Rhoda Sherlock, followed by a soak in the hot tub with a Manhattan in her hand.

Dearest mother of sons Michael (Joan) Jahn, David (Mary Ann) Jahn and Herbert (Margaret) Jahn;

Grandmother of 6 grandchildren, Marc (Amy) Venture, Eric (Heather) Jahn, Nicolas Jahn, Rochelle Jahn, Emily (Casey) Crossley and Kelly Jahn.

Great-grandmother to Taylor Jahn, Jonas Jahn, Kayleigh Jahn

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Monday, March 23, 2020

Starting Hospice care for my Mom while in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis

Today - Sunday, March 22nd - started as most mornings. I went to visit my Mom at the hospital. Then it all went quickly to hell in an hand basket.

But I need to back up.

Nearly a week ago, Mom was not eating, refusing to take medicine or let anyone take her blood pressure or touch her. The hospital physician said it was decision time - we needed to decide if we should continue with the approach of "lets try to make her better" to "lets just make her comfortable".

That was Saturday March 13th. A very tough phone call to with my two brothers. We all agreed - it was Hospice time. Mom made it clear - signed a DNR - she wanted no artificial means of support.

After that - it became a week of the Hospital saying, "we need her bed"  - and thus began my marathon of texts and phone cards, agreements and contracts - mind you, I was just having lunch with Mom at a local restaurant just a few weeks ago - this happened way faster than we would have ever expected.

Normally, this process of finding a hospice facility would be straight forward - we contacted a reputable Bed and Care facility, I took the tour, was happy with the facility and pricing - but - there are others that already live there - they asked - can we test for Covid-19 ?

Well, no. Not an 88 year old hospice patient.

You have no idea what chaos was involved from that day forward - we quickly discovered that no one wanted anyone new. Even the $500 a day places said "no new patients at this time".

But the hospital needed beds - and while I walked through my moms hall and counted 4 rooms with no one in it, I realized, they were most likely getting ready for an potential onslaught on new Covid-19 patients.

So, the ONLY option was to bring back to her apartment. So then a different set of chaotic maneuvers. We needed 24/7 care - in home. We needed a hospital bed, oxygen, new sheets for this twin sized hospital bed - and needed Hospice RN who could administer the medicines that keep her comfortable. These are not drugs available at you corner Walgreens.

And Moms apartment is in a senior living facility - independent living - but still - on LOCK DOWN due to Covid-19.

Older people live there - they are sequestered to their rooms. So, here I am at 2:30pm on a Sunday...and all this needs to happen like NOW;

Someone needs to deliver a Hospital bed ( mind you I need to go there and move the full sized bed out of the way )

The home care people that will be there 24/7 needs to check in

Two people are going to bring Mom in on a transport bed

A RN needs to asses and give her the meds

A delivery driver need to deliver the meds

So, this is 7 new people that need to be screened BEFORE entry - temp taken, masked up, hands sanitized - all at the front door of a senior facility. This is of course a VERY NEW FIRST DAY protocol that they implemented but has actually not tried as they have a "no visitors" lock down in place ! 

AND -  this all had to happen within a 4 to 7:30 window - as this facility is closed after that ( it is not an assisted living, it is independent living )

But, it happened, Mom is moved, the comfort staff person and the Hospice care RN are in place, and Mom is sound asleep.
And I am searching desperately for my shit stapler, trying to keep my shit together.

I am good. Thankfully, I have my wife and brothers - they are like the rock of Gibraltar holding me up. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

My wife has a wonderful direct - his name is Ron. He is retiring, My wife asked if I could draw a picture of him as a gift, so, why not ? and then, the final...

Saturday, September 02, 2017

ahh - the joys of being 62.

So, I got what I thought was the flu on July 25th, which messed up all manners of Birthday plans that were to occur on July 30th. Then, Around August 4th, we felt I was not recovering, so we went to the Dr. who prescribed an X-Ray and they diagnosed double Pneumonia ( we have 5 lobes in our lungs, 2 were full of fluid ) so THAT explained a whole BUNCH of things.

Prednisone, Aburtoral, some evil step child of Penicillin ... and the MASK;

Anyway, it is now Sept 2nd and I think FINALLY I feel like I can resume my daily 3 mile walk ( probably wont do three the first day ) but WOW - that SURE TOOK A LONG TIME to get rid of.

But I lost 15 lbs, so there is a silver lining in every cloud !

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Monday, April 25, 2016

10th year anniversary in Playa Del Carmen

Joan and I celebrated out 10 year anniversary 
by going to Mexico - we stayed at the Riu Palace Riviera Maya .

Joan relaxing before a night out

Here I am drawing a crowd showing off my magnetic nose Jedi trick

We had a great time !

Here I am with Sexy Sashia, the Captain of the Sea Passion II Catamaran.
Joan and I took sail to Isal Mujeres.