Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today I am happy to say that I learned to read! Finally, at 50 ! I discoved that if you really pay attention to very single word in the sentance, the true meaning can actually understood and comprehended - I guess I am now truely a HIGHER MAMMAL. Anyway, thanks to my friend at PDF Snake I have finally learned how to use the Acrobat Imposition Plug-in and perform a "Step and Repeat, Flip" imposition - check out my step by step procdure by clicking over the link. Here is a small movie that shows what it does...

Here are the actual steps;

PDF Snake Menu

Step 1: Impose
Paper Size: double the original page height, original page width.
Layout: 1 Column, 2 Rows,
Repeat each page: 4

Step 2: RotateDegrees: 180 Page Range: even

Step 3: Impose
Paper Size: double width, double height
Layout: 2 columns, 1 row,
Repeat each page: 1

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