Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hey, here is the dealio (yes, it is official, it is a word now)

I have been working with a customer who has an online application that enables "photo album" and "digital scrapbook page design" functionality, and was interested in having as many people as possible register and try the tool - we are looking for honest, candid feedback - positive or negative

To register and try it, ---> click here <---

Thanks in advance!

BTW - If you build a 20 page book full of pictures, we will process, print, bind and ship it for 1/2 the normal price for a limited time - send one to your Mom, she misses you !

Okay, some of you ARE moms, or your Moms are no longer able to receive analog type gifts because their carbon based unit is no longer functional, but just make one anyway, and then think of her when you marvel at the quality!

- my designs are manly men like - please don't hold that against me !

Oh, if you like the Cowboy Up! stuff, feel free to steal it from here

- I made it for a birthday party - needed a design to 'document' the event - well, that lil' 2 year old pardner had them there a dress up party and everyone was a cowpoke or a rootin' tootin' cowgirl.

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