Monday, January 21, 2008

My Wife Joan and I were invited to a wedding for Michelle Elias and David Solomon  - Joan works with the mother of the groom, Mertyl.

It was a wonderful thing !

It was at the Omni in Downtown LA

Joan and I sat on different sides - I sat next to a freind of the groom - a stanger to me - his name was Alan, he is a Lawyer in NY - and he was very gracious and helpful.

The Jewish Wedding - how I have managed to go through life without attending one thus far is criminal - thanks for the guided tour !

My Wife Joan and I really enjoyed this event - what one misses without such closeness of family and respect for tradition.

Here is a picture of me wearing the Yarmulke (Yamika, or how ever it should be referred to properly - sorry, I am Lutharen, what do I know!)

I was glad that I was able to persuade the the other guest that sat with me - male co-wokers of my wife - to also don the skull cap - I will be sure to invest in the more stylish fedora you were sporting before I attend another !

On the drive home, I shared stories of my college days with my wife - my Shabbos goy activities - where on sabbath, as a resident advisory at Bromley Hall at U of I, I tore toilet paper on a regular basis to people who forgot to "pre-tear", and unlocked doors for residents who were obeying but needed to get in their doors. I had forgotten all these funny stories !

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