Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Monday, September 15th, I presented at the Inter-Society Color Council
2008 Annual Meeting
. There were some very interesting presentations, many pure science (several far over my head) and others more relevant to what I am most familiar with - print. I think one of the best was a presentation by Scot Fernandez of Hallmark Cards, Inc. on developing and using a custom RGB color space - for authoring - and a 5 colour output profile - for sending device dependednt PDF to printers - was a great example of overcoming the competition by doing better color and not following the lock step CMYK SWOP or Gracol printing "standards" !

My presentation was about specifying color and a project I am working on with Dr. Ed Granger at IQColour

Here is a link to my presentation;

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Dwight Kelly said...

Apago developed the program that Hallmark is using to apply that 5-color profile to PDF files!