Monday, April 06, 2009

Man, and I growing tired of all this news about the melting ice caps !

I mean, come ON already, the earth is over four billion years old. We've collected - on average - about 30 years of data. Many people are trying to claim there is a trend based on less than a percent of a percent of a percent of a percent. We have what - .00000075% of the earth's climate history and they're trying to declare this as some "unnatural trend" and we all have to 'change the way we behave? I declare bullshit! The earth's wobble around it's axis peaks in 2012, and as the current angle, the earth's northern hemisphere is getting more and more direct sunlight because of this increasing angle of tilt. After 2012, we'll be getting less and less, and the Arctic ice caps will start getting exposed to less and less heat and guess what? *gasp* -- the Arctic ice caps start lasting longer and start getting thicker again!

Do people NOT study basic astrophysics before spewing this crap?


sleibson said...

Righton MJ

sleibson said...

You'd think that part of the due diligence in journalism would dictate that research!
Right On!

DK said...


Climate histories are based upon sources that allow scientists to see historical data. For example, to determine the content of the atmosphere 300 million years ago, scientists look at air from 300 million years ago trapped within glaciers. Thus, the science on which global warming is based is on way more than 30 years of data.