Thursday, June 18, 2009

There has been significant change to the digital book landscape.
California Digital Textbooks Initiative

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A plea from me to self-publishing service providers, publishers and developers;
Please do consider standardizing on EPUB format.

Do not be fooled into thinking something else will do, or that you are more clever than the folks at Adobe and Google - do not waste your valuable resources - EPUB will win.

Google is already providing support (link), iBiblio will support you (link).

When there is confusion and chaos during a change event, everyone needs to figure out what approach, methods, technologies or file formats have the best chance of becoming widely accepted and wildly popular - EPUB is poised for that.

As evidence, consider that there are plenty of free EPUB books at The Gutenberg Project (link), Adobe is even behind it (link) and Amazon will soon follow (link).

For more information on EPUB

I work for a software developer that provides software tools that enable the user to scan a book and make it ready for eBook conversion - but this blog post is not about that - but if you are interested in that, --> click here <--

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