Monday, March 01, 2010

I met Jeremy Epstein on my flight back to LA today - former Senior Partner Community Manager Titan at Microsoft, now head honcho at - he sat next to me, we spoke of changing the world, and in true fearless form, he grabbed my Livescribe pen and then pencast his presentation when and where details !

I will fill you in one what I learned tomorrow !

I will be attending his presentation Tuesday, March 2rd

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Sándor Kiss said...

I try to take an efficient approach to capturing audio/notes with my Smartpen. This is not a knock on the example posted at all, but offers me an opportunity to explain my approach to Paper Replay with my Smartpen.

If I'm recording audio, I avoid writing as much as I can. In the instance you provided from Mr. Epstein I would have written "Event", "Address", "time", "cost" and "misc" as he covered each of the points. Less writing allows me to focus more on topic at hand.