Thursday, November 17, 2011

At Presswise, where I work in Agoura Hills, CA - we are seeing an interesting shift where our print customers are beginning to recognize that more and more of their business is being driven by integration of customer storefronts into their print and fulfillment services. What they thought was going to happen is that folks would come to visit their ownWeb2Print store front, but many of their own customers are already using third-party marketing management systems with their own storefronts eg Saepio and want to inject jobs, check status and get ship notifications through that into the printer’s workflow. Printers are often lost on the API concept, and yet that is going to be the very thing they need to not only understand – but embrace.

This is an interview with one of our customers - who truly get the value of enabling customers to inject jobs into their systems using our Presswise API

 click --> here <-- to listen to what Susan Moore at DPI has to say...

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