Saturday, September 02, 2017

ahh - the joys of being 62.

So, I got what I thought was the flu on July 25th, which messed up all manners of Birthday plans that were to occur on July 30th. Then, Around August 4th, we felt I was not recovering, so we went to the Dr. who prescribed an X-Ray and they diagnosed double Pneumonia ( we have 5 lobes in our lungs, 2 were full of fluid ) so THAT explained a whole BUNCH of things.

Prednisone, Aburtoral, some evil step child of Penicillin ... and the MASK;

Anyway, it is now Sept 2nd and I think FINALLY I feel like I can resume my daily 3 mile walk ( probably wont do three the first day ) but WOW - that SURE TOOK A LONG TIME to get rid of.

But I lost 15 lbs, so there is a silver lining in every cloud !

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