Sunday, July 16, 2006

Art for my friend A - not sure what she needed it for, but it was something about David is Angry...


Akarno said...

photo by a. karno and yes it's copy written ( is that how you write that?)

Here's the lowdown on the meltdown.
David O'Shea is spoken words' reigning king. He is currently performng his Taxi Stories in NYC at a theater called Where Eagles Dare.
Here, David is in character as an angry NY cop Mr. O'shea also moonlighted at a departmnent-store Santa. But that is another story. ( laced with mirth more than rage)

When David's show comes west, I will force Mr. Jahn to come with us to see it. One good genius deserves another

Like David, Michael infuses everything he puts his hand to with detail and originality. I am one lucky shooter to be surrounded by first rate artists. I wouldn't have it any other way.

is it time for a shameless plug yet?

go see my unaltered ego at

michaelejahn said...

Thnaks for the kind words A - Please let me us know if speaks angry enough!