Monday, July 31, 2006

Well, it was my birthday yesterday - 51 years old .

My Wife Joan surprised me with tickets to the
LA JAZZ FESTIVAL at the Greek Theater about 1/2 hour from where we live...

featuring Chaka Khan / Kem / Will Downing

I think we were the only white people there besides a few musicians and security staff, but it was an amazing show - everyone stood and danced - between shows it was OLD SCHOOL DJ time - this was as much fun as the actual show !

-- as it was more 'our age' old school was the type of music i owned in College - Ohio Players, P-Funk...
Will Downing - like a lou rawls amazing low voice..

Kem - like Al Jarreau - really amazing.

And, is was a warm breezy evening - and I scored a sweet (close) parking spot!

It was a great birthday !


Katherine said...


maupfin said...

Happy Birthday cat herder! I am sooo happy for you..sounds like love has struck you and it is gooooood. I am happy that you too have found the real thing....miss ya bunches...and when you come to Louisville - and want to stay with some sain and decent people....stay with us! Lenny would love for you and Joan to stay and get to know you better!

take care