Thursday, August 27, 2009

I love books. I love eBooks even more, as they are lighter and take up far less space. I also happen to consult with IoFlex, a company that provides software that enables people to scan a book and apply image processing return it to its original, ready to print condition. We have some very large customers who scan hundreds of thousands of books. Unlike the Google Books project, where they are mostly interested in capturing book pages to make them searchable for research, IoFlex customers want to preserve the fidelity of the images. IoFlex BlackBox offers image processing that removed the halftone dot patterns from printed images, cleans up dirt and that sort of thing.

Once of IoFlex's larger customers - Bibilolife - provides services for Libraries. Below is an interesting video about that.

Shelf2Life Demo from OPP on Vimeo.

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Brian Bridges said...

while i was aware of Google's book project, i like even more the idea of libraries scanning and owning the digital copies of their collections. I'd like to know more about how libraries are using this to attract customers.

thanks for posting.