Friday, September 11, 2009

For the record - I am all about reducing using paper as a method to exchange data / information. It is slower, takes up more physical space, can't be mirrored easily and more often than not ends up in some landfill.

I am a contributor to the CATO institute. That should help explain a lot of things to you about my views, but perhaps this post might seem contradictory to the first part of this blog post...

I had always thought that Books and Newspapers are legally different than any data or information distributed using a cable, broadcast and satellite - and it seems that they may not be !

This is one of the questions being answered in Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission

Important stuff to us all...

In the above link there is a Cato Institute video, based on the first round of arguments in Citizens United, highlights the lengths to which the government has been driven in defending Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) speech restrictions.

Justice Anthony Kennedy suggested (link is a PDF) that books are already covered by the electioneering communications ban, which applies to messages carried by satellite as well as cable and broadcasting, when they are read on devices like Amazon's Kindle.

Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart agreed.

This is totally insane.

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