Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love everything that the folks at Meet-Meme.com are doing. Everything. A few days ago, I received their 2011 yearbook. You can read about who they are and why they created this yearbook here;

From Page 11 of the yearbook;

We operate by the 3 C’s: Coffee, Conferences, and Cocktails. We’ve met so many people online, but we try and utilize one or all of the 3 C’s to get to know you even better offline. The games we play at conferences are getting better each day – raising the bar for excitement and fun. We can’t wait to see you at the next conference. I guarantee we’ll have some fun.

Check them out and buy your own Meet-Meme.com card at;


-- I was thrilled to find that I made it to page 15.

Here are links to my "Page Mates"

Meet Dan Polley - http://mtme.me/a4cf67

Meet Runaway Home - http://mtme.me/7ebc4e

Meet Jess Vento - http://mtme.me/c68313

oh, and meet me ! - http://mtme.me/94da1c

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