Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Here is the 'cliff notes' version of what new in the "Land of Jahn" and yes, all the links are at least pictures or something entertaining enough for you to waste a mouse click on.

I became an independent sales agent for ELAN GMK in December of 2005. ELAN GMK is a software developer of paper to PDF solutions and provides document scanning services as well. ELAN GMK is located in the sunny and warm climate of Simi Valley, CA.

On June 1st of 2007, I became the Director of Product Innovation at Magicomm, who provides its customers with a wide range of consultative services including strategy development, creative cross media multi-touch campaigns, personalized web sites, e-commerce solutions. Magicomm is located in picturesque North Shore community of Amesbury, Massachusetts.

And, yes, you heard it right - Michael Jahn, former PDF Terrorist, fell madly in love and got married to Joan who works at Northridge Hospital and we moved into our home in Simi Valley, CA

Joan's 4 children live with us - Angela and Nicole who are are 15 years old twins as well as Drummer Michael and Guitar slinger Charles

My sons Marc and Eric live in New York.

And my Mom is doing great as is the whole Jahn fam-dam-lee !

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