Sunday, August 20, 2006

Today I purchased Harvest Moon - Another Wonderful Life - a video game for Nintendo Game Cube. As I feel I do a pretty good job at taking good care of our family, I am sure I would be expert at any video that tests such skills - but I did not buy this for ME.

I jumped at the chance to puchase this game for Angela and Nicole, as this game actually requires you to do CHORES to WIN !

LOL !!!

Basically, it is about a girl raising crops and tending animals - you know, doing the things that are essential to fiscal success in present day Simi Valley, California. To win, you need to cultivate crops, develop and nurture friendships, and take good care of your family in order to have a successful Harvest life experience. Who knew they wanted to move to a farm, be nice and find a husband ?

Now, if there were points for "waking up" and "cleaning room" and they actually LEARNED how to do this by plaing this game - well, I would invest all my funds in Natsume Inc, the company that publishes this game!

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